UTK0151 6.0” Wilderness Knife

The UTK0151 6-inch blade Wilderness Knife is added to the Utility Tool family of knives as a direct result of customer input. We were asked to build a mid-sized knife between the 4.5-inch blade UTK0110 Wilderness Knife and the 8-inch blade Field Knife by a number of customers.

The resulting UTK0151 uses the same tang and handle profiles as the rest of the Wilderness Knife line, but extends the 0.210” thick A2 Tool Steel blade in both length and depth. This blade length results in a point of balance forward of the guard. The spine is flat and extends to the tip with the same “KS Edge” (as with the rest of the Wilderness Knives) and is keen enough to strike sparks from Handi-Fire Tool or to use in the field as needed as a scraping tool.

Also new with the UTK0151 is the “Classic” sheath developed in cooperation with the AE Nelson Leather Company. This timeless design draws much influence from sheaths popular at the turn of the 20th century. A unique twist on the design is that it can be used in either left or right hand draw configurations.

Detail Pictures

Effective 01Apr21 (click to enlarge)

spec chart

*Note: Stonewashed surface finish, Handle profile and material and Sheath design subject to availability.

All information deemed accurate and reliable at the time of posting. Utility Tool knives are semi-production tools that are hand assembled from precision components made to exacting specifications. Specifications and dimensions may vary and are subject to change without notice.

One thing that will not change is that these tools are made with pride in these United States by Americans devoted to quality and customer satisfaction.

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