UTHFT0065 Handi-Fire Tool

Handi-Fire Tool (HFT)

The Utility Tool Handi-Fire Tool (HFT) came into existence after multiple inquires for a fire starter loop on the standard Utility Tool/ AE Nelson Wilderness Knife pocket sheath. The initial concern with adding a loop to the sheath was the problem of the fire starter tool falling out (from experience!).

Starting with a 2.5” long 0.250” diameter ferro rod and a good idea of how to lose a fire starter from a sheath loop our goal was to create a method that would secure the fire starter while still allowing it to be handy to get to, use and replace back in the sheath loop. The result is as shown in the pictures.

By creating a tool handle that integrates a cord-lock to secure the paracord lanyard it is easy to loop the lanyard so it securely retains the Handi-Fire Tool (HFT) in the sheath loop. An added benefit to this arrangement is that the HFT can be secured to belts, trouser belt loops, pack straps, MOLLE or ALICE webbing, etc. using the same technique. Any convenient place that has a loop can potentially secure a HFT for immediate access.

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