What makes a knife a UTILITY Tool knife?

UTK0200 SB Field Knife w words
A Tough Tool for Tough Times
Painstaking attention to detail
Highest Quality Components

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Built in the USA from materials made in the USA. American labor and design expertise are devoted to creating tools from American materials. You can rest assured that an investment in a Utility Tool is a commitment to the tradition of American preeminence in functional design and quality outcomes.

Ergonomic Design

Designed with fitness for use in mind. The rugged and utilitarian design is the result of a development process intended to ensure that outcomes met explicit standards to include balance, comfort, environmental stability, pleasing esthetics and versatility.

Simplicity In Execution

Simple, clean and functional designs – that fit. When the time comes to use a Utility Tool, it is ready and unencumbered with design features that may compromise effectiveness in the field. In the same manner, Utility Tool designs support a creation process that ensures consistent outcomes – all focused on providing a tool ready for use when you need it.

Toughness & Versatility

Form follows function. Using tough steels crafted for strength and dependability, dimensionally stable materials for handles, functional sheaths and accessories; they all combine to create a package providing dependability, versatility and reliability in a variety of environments.

Enduring Value

Crafting mankind’s oldest tools. In the outdoors, the enduring utility of a knife as the preeminent tool is self-evident. Utility Tools are creates as working implements, with the quality by design to serve you now and in the future. A Utility Tool is a lasting investment in your future intended to serve you faithfully for a long time – long enough for you to pass down generation to generation.


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